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Two With Two

Pre-engaged/Pre-marital Meetings

The months leading up to marriage some of the most exciting, anticipatory, and critical in each of our lives.  While there is often much focus on the wedding day, we hope that there is also much more energy put toward preparing for the marriage itself. 


In this vital time it is our hope and aim to create space where couples can begin to envision and pursue a marriage that is Kingdom-purposed and focused Kingdom-purposed and focused, can engage in conversations about important topics that will surface in marriage, and can learn how to better choose one another daily.


Topics typically covered include:  

-  Communication Practices and Styles

-  Conflict and Growth

-  Spiritual Development

-  Family Formation and Culture

-  Changing Relationships with Family Of Origin (FOO) and Friends

-  Building Trust 

-  Finances

-  Intimacy

-  And any other specific requests or needs


The frequency of meetings vary couple-to-couple and usually occur over a span of 4 to 6 months. 



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